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Nacho Fernandez

From a very young age, I always had a great attraction for technology and the commercial world. I started working in sales and marketing positions while doing my degree ... but I realized something:

My true passion was accompanying entrepreneurs in the process of digitizing their business, applying what I learn along the way.


Today I am working with more than 15 companies, which have excellent results, both in sales and brand positioning.

My goal at the end of the day is to get entrepreneurs to make a living from what they love, marketing their product or service through digital media and marketing.


Mis marcas

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Agencia Escalate

Escalate es mi agencia de marketing digital donde implementamos marketing digital en negocios que necesitan delegar esta area.


Nacho Fernandez

Mi marca personal, donde inspiro y guio a los emprendedores a vivir de su pasión con el marketing digital.

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Escuela Marketinera

Comunidad enfocada a personas que quieren crear su propia agencia o comenzar a vender servicios de marketing digital.

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Proyecto enfocado a generar un equilibrio entre los negocios y el desarrollo personal. Conectar con nuestra marca desde nuestro propósito personal y valores

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